Like ICA, CASEE is governed by the CASEE General Assembly, which  is made up of Rectors and Deans or other duly appointed representatives of all member institutions. CASEE is a Standing Committee of ICA, the Association for European Life Science Universities. The  General Assembly elects the CASEE Board, which is responsible for the general administration of the network and develops the network's strategy and objectives. The Board reports to the annual meeting of the ICA General Assembly.

The execution of the policy is delegated to the Executive Committee (ExCo). One of the members is the Secretary General, who is appointed by the Board.

The modus operandi of CASEE is determined by the CASEE Statutes.

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During the first General Assembly in December 2013 the following Board members have been elected:

  • President of the CASEE network : Rector Prof. Martin Gerzabek, BOKU
  • Vice-President of the CASEE network: Rector Prof. Ing. Jiri Balík, CsC, from the Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague
  • Treasurer of the CASEE network: Vice-Rector Prof. István Szabó, Szent István University Gödöllö, Agricultural Faculty

Ordinary Board members:

  • Prof. Marek Szyndel, Vice-Rector of WULS Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland
  • Prof. Dr. Doru Pamfil, Rector of USAMV Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Prof. Florian Borlea, Vice-Rector of USAMVBT Timisoara, Romania (starting 2016)
  • Prof. Sasa Orlovic, Vice-Rector of UNS Novi Sad, Serbia (starting 2016)
  • Prof. Dr. sc. Zoran Grgić, Dean of UNIZG University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture (starting 2017)
  • Prof. Aleksa Bjeliš, Rector of the University of Zagreb, Croatia (until 2016)
  • Prof. Miroslav Veskovic, DG JRC Brussels (until 2016)

ExCo members:

  • CASEE Secretary General: Dr. Margarita Calderón-Peter (BOKU, Head of IRO)
  • Prof. Michal Lostak, CULS
  • Katarzyna Kowalska, WULS
  • Vice-Rector Prof. Carmen Socaciu, USAMV Cluj-Napoca
  • Zsuzsanna Tarr, St Istvan University
  • Prof. Renata Bazok, University of Zagreb



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